Scout Accommodation

in Reykjavik

Sleeping accommodation in Reykjavik is offered before and after the Moot. Breakfast and packed lunch are also available.


The ScoutAccommodation is a low-cost accommodation in the Reykjavík area. This accommodation is in classrooms in schools. You need to bring your own mattress and sleeping bag.

The Accommodation needs to be booked and paid for before May 15th 2017.

The ScoutAccommodation is available from July 19th to July 24th and from August 2nd to August 7th 2017.

Book your ScoutAccommodation!

Groups of 10 or more

If you are booking for group of ten people or more, please fill out the form.

Group bookings 10+

Less than 10 people

If you are booking for you and your friends you can book here.

Bookings less than 10 people

Cancellation for ScoutAccommodation
–    By cancellation 6-7 weeks before arrival we will refund 90%
–    By cancellation 4-6 weeks before arrival we will refund 50%
–    By cancellation 4 weeks or less  (cancellation after June 15th)  before arrival no refund will be given.